Christian Experience

On this page you will find links to posts on various topics and testimonies of proper Christian Experience:

1 .Called by God
2. Repenting
3. Believing into Christ
4. Calling on the Lord:
Discovering the Indwelling Christ as the Spirit by Calling on Him
5.  Baptism:
6 Reasons to be Baptized
6. Assurance of Salvation:
How Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?
7. Exercising the Spirit and Living in the Spirit:
The Secret of the Christian Life–Living in the Mingled Spirit
The Daily Exercise of a Believer—Exercising the Mingled Spirit to Breathe in the Lord
The Key to the Meaning of Life and the Meaning of the Universe
8. Prayer:
 3 Simple Prayers to Keep You in the Divine Romance
14 Words to Enrich Your Fellowship with the Lord
Absorbing God by Breathing Prayer
9. Reading the Bible:
Practical Points on Bible Reading and Reading for the Central Line
5 Steps to vitalize your Bible Reading in the new year
10. Giving Thanks:
A Deeper Appreciation for Thanksgiving—Not just a Day but a Living
11. Morning Revival
How to begin your day with God
12. Eating the Lord:
Four ways to eat the Lord as the tree of life
13. Abiding in the Lord:
6 Way to Abide in God
14. Following the Sense of Life:
Two Principles of Living
15. Consecration:
Giving Christ the first place in everything
16. Loving the Lord Jesus
How to cultivate a personal, affectionate relationship with the Lord Jesus


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