Coming from a heritage of seeking Christians, the earliest impressions of my life came from a godly mother praying with me at my bedside as a preschooler, reading the Scriptures with prayer each morning and actively engaging in Christian fellowship and service for a life-time. My father, also as a hard working, godly man, a provider for the family, though not a man of many words, set a pattern as a lover of God and lover of men. I am deeply indebted to the Lord for the early roots He gave me in the Christian faith, setting me on a life-long course of spiritual hunger and pursuit that has remained with me to this day. Such a pattern led me to receive the Lord Jesus as my Savior from the earliest days I can remember and caused me to revere the Bible as the uniquely inspired Word of God.

However, to know the eternal salvation of God has now come to mean just the beginning, not the destination. To receive the Savior, as my Redeemer and Life is surely the first joy of my life but not one without a consummation. Christ to me is not only the Alpha and the Omega, but every letter in between. He is surely becoming the story of my life. When I finish my course, I would like to know that whoever reads my story would read Christ on every page.

As with all things—sports, entertainment, politics, finance, etc.—whatever is most important to a person is what you’ll find them talking about. Since, I like to be occupied by Christ,  and share Him with others, I’d like to gather a readership of those who really want to know the deeper things of Christ as revealed in the Holy Bible. I’d like to talk about the high gospel, the deeper truths and the highest standard of Christian experience that God desires for man.

To this point, I’ve received the majority of my help from the profound writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. As as high school student I was introduced to their ministry by listening to the messages of the Life-study of the Bible. Today the complete study is available online. You can purchase the books or freely read them at ministrybooks.org or listen to them on Life-study radio broadcast podcasts.

These two authors have opened a door for me into the subjective experience of Christ, the revelation of the Body of Christ and practice of the proper church life as I never could have imagined possible. However, to read it is one thing, but to make it the reality in your daily living is another thing.

In this blog, I would like to humbly begin to converse with those who are interested to know the high gospel, to apprehend the deeper truths revealed in the Scriptures and to enter into a daily living that is simply the “normal Christian life”—a life of living Christ for the Body of Christ.


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  1. amen, brother, I thoroughly enjoyed your approach to life and your enjoyment of the Lord! What a rich ministry we have – the ministry of the new covenant! And what a rich heritage with have! It’s good to dive in, let the word dwell in us richly, saturate us, permeate us, and even overflow from us!

    • Clark,

      I’m glad to have the encouragement from other bloggers like you and Joe. It makes the development process more enjoyable and less of a struggle. I thought that a shorter name would be easier to remember and good to match with the domain name. Joe recommended a few theme options and as you can see I’ve made a switch.

      I’m always interested in learning something more, bit by bit. Hopefully I can be an encouragement to others who would also like to learn to blog.

      Much grace to you,


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